The Trouble With Rain

Francis (Miller) Collins just misses his train to Chattanooga one stormy night. While waiting for the next train he meets three strangers – Eric, Constance and Violet. Will these four young professionals become friends, lovers; or will they simply go their separate ways and never see each other again? Like Schrodinger’s Cat, all of the possible outcomes of this chance encounter are equally real, but only one will come to pass.

Or will it?

The story line is non-linear (almost a Twilight Zone-esque kind of feel) that moves back and forth in time over a six year period. These four strangers who meet by happenstance at a train station, are ‘called back’ to the train station to relive that initial meeting, where slightly different actions result in sometimes drastically altered futures. The decisions they make, the words they speak and the actions they take during this initial meeting dictate how their future relationships play out. The ‘moral of the story’ (if you will) is that all of our actions, even the smallest, have consequences – for good or for ill.

The Trouble with Rain Official Trailer

The Trouble With Rain extended trailer